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The Nightmare and the Dream 
by Sergio Barer

Marcus Feldman as "Theodor Herzl"


San Fernando Valley Master Chorale

Susan Edwards Martin

(All solos in order of appearance)

I. Europa

Soprano: Marla Lowrey

Synopsis: This movement partially outlines the ideological clash in the foundational texts of Judaism and Christianity, the Old and the New Testaments—a clash which eventually became the basis for forced conversions and physical violence in the Middle Ages. Europa includes the expulsion of the Jews from Spain and the work of the Spanish Inquisition. However, the movement ends on a hopeful note, where Jews and Christians pray for God’s help.


II. Metamorphosis

Soprano: Ellen Ford

Bass: Steven Barnett

Synopsis: In this movement we meet Theodore Herzl, the creator of political Zionism, which is the idea that the Jewish people needed to create an independent country in order to survive. We explore his motives, we hear some of his ideas and we walk with him as he gives his first steps in his journey to create a Jewish state.

III. Herzl's Vision

Synopsis: This movement outlines Herzl’s plan to create a Jewish State as well as his vision for such an entity, a vision based on the liberal values of 19th century Europe. It is based on “The Jewish State” and “Old New Land,” the two books that Herzl wrote on the subject.


IV. Congress, Travels, and Diplomacy

Kaiser: Jay Harwitt

Soprano: Flora Kohl

Baritone: Jay Harwitt

Nordau: Brian McConnell

Sultan: Jay Harwitt

Chamberlain: John Bergquist

Lord Sanderson: Jay Harwitt

Butros Ghali: John Bergquist

Synopsis: Theodor Herzl sets his plan in motion to turn his dream and vision into a reality. He talked with the German Kaiser, the Turkish Sultan, the Egyptian Foreign Minister, and English government officials, and also created the Zionist Congresses, a Jewish parliament in exile tasked with the job of creating the new state. 


V. The Pioneers

Bride: Marla Lowrey

Groom: John Bergquist

Maids of Honor: Women

Groomsmen: Men

Synopsis: The Pioneers takes us to the Ottoman Empire and to Palestine with the Jews that arrived to create the state. We travel with them, we work with them, we suffer with them, we rejoice with them, and we end in 1948 with Israel’s Declaration of Independence—the realization of Herzl’s and the Jewish People’s dream.


Geoff Nudell*
Sharada Rao

Brandon Douglas

French Horn
Joy Armstrong
Jason Beaumont

Rebecca Buringrud

Alec van Wagner

Lauren Keber

Paul Sternhagen

Bob Remstein

Concert master

Executive/General Director
Julie Barnett

Artistic Director
Charlie Kim

Associate Artistic Director
John Bergquist

Sergio Barer

Rehearsal Accompanist
Bob Remstein

Julie Barnett

Sergio Barer

Box office 
Julie Barnett
Ian Lindley


With much appreciation,
SFVMC would like to give thanks to:

The composer would like to thank:

Rabbi Ed Feinstein, for his advice on the project and his support.

Cantor Phil Baron, for his advice on the project, his support and his encouragement.

To David Matlow and the Herzl Project for providing us great images for the work.

My wife Ana and my daughters Libe and Ariela, for always being there for me.

SFVMC Donors


Sherry Angel

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Rabbi ED Feinstein

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