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Become a SFVMC Board Member!

Do you love chorale music and wish to help you community and the arts? Find out how you can help SFVMC grow by joining our wonderful board who make it possible to create beautiful music!

• Share in the vision of collaborative classical music for SFV with our board director, Sergio Barer.

• Learn about the many ways you can support this community endeavor with our executive director, Julie Barnett.

• Get up-close and personal performances with the artists of the SFVMC.

• Meet and chat with our artistic director, Charlie Kim, who will keep you up to date on plans for concerts.

• Have influence in music selections for next season and the seasons to come!

Please contact our board director, Sergio by filling out the form below if you are interested in learning how you can become a SFVMC board member !

Thanks! Message sent. Thank you for your support!

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