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Board of Directors

Mission Statement


Sergio Barer, President & Composer in Residence

Charlie Kim, Artistic Director

Julie Barnett, Executive Director

Steven Barnett, Treasurer

Leslie Sobol, Secretary

Additional Directors

Dr. David Braun

Norman Levine

Carlos Rittner

Advisory Committee


Charlie Kim, Artistic Director

Julie Barnett, Executive Director/ Social Media/ Website

Steven Barnett, Treasurer

John Bergquist, Associate Artistic Director

Mary Ann Hurst, Secretary

Diane Lindley, Public Relations

Sabra Chili, Front of House

Meg Foss, Development

Anita Beckenstein, Outreach & Librarian

Laurel Eu, Donor Relations

Michelle Hoisch, Membership

SFVMC wishes to highlight the unique emotional capability of human voices raised together in song to unify and uplift our community in the San Fernando Valley.

Statement of  Objective


The San Fernando Valley Master Chorale was formed to provide singers and instrumentalists with an opportunity to perform great masterworks of classical to modern choral music.  In doing so, an awareness of the importance of the arts will be heightened in the community by interaction between the Chorale and local residents. Our hope is to inspire both performers and audiences alike to appreciate and enhance their aesthetic enjoyment of the arts.


Our vision is to develop a strong musical organization that performs great works on a regular basis and create goodwill in the community.


By periodically engaging the services of guest directors and premiering original works by resident composers, the Chorale hopes to achieve recognition from the greater San Fernando Valley community as a leading choral organization in the performance of time-honored and new works.  Individuals in the organization can expect opportunities to develop and enhance leadership skills through Advisory Board and committee participation. They will also experience personal growth by participating in community service projects.

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